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Complete Dentures

 Patients today are presenting more challenging needs than ever before. Pow Laboratories is pleased to offer your patients options that will fulfill their functional and esthetic needs while keeping their financial considerations in mind. Our Removable Team can provide material and finishing options that allow you the flexibility to ensure you are meeting all of  your patient’s needs without compromise. Acrylic dentures are available in two different finishes. Tru-Life or Tru-Value dentures are available to help you select the best finish for your patient.

Tru-Life Dentures
Premium Life-life denture
Premium teeth used:
  • Dentsply
  • Ivoclar
  • Vident
  • Finished in Ivocap SR acrylic
  • Highly characterized denture finish
  • Festooned denture base
  • Gingival toning
  • Rugae palate
  • Stippling
tru life 
 Tru-Value Dentures
Value added denture options
Cost effective teeth used:
  • Kulzar Basic teeth
  • Finished in Ivocap SR or Lucitone 199 acrylic
  • Regular denture base
  • Smooth palate and finish
 tru value

A variety of acrylic shades and shade guides are available on request for all of our denture finishing materials.


  • Preliminary impressions using stock trays and alginate
  • Impressions of old dentures need to be taken if we are going to fabricate the new denture to replicate the existing prosthesis
  • Fabrication of custom trays for alginate or zinc oxide eugenol
  • Bite records fabricated on final impressions. Midline and smile lines should be marked.


Tooth Selection:
This important aspect of denture work is often overlooked or done incorrectly. The patient's age and gender are required to assist with mold selections. Every manufacturer of teeth supply mold and shade guides for their specific range of teeth to assist you.

  • Tooth molds and shades need to be chosen from one specific supplier to ensure an excellent match.*
  • Dentsply teeth have their own shade guides and molds that do not match Vita shades.
  • Ivoclar Chromoscop use their own unique shade guides and molds that are not compatible with the Vita shades.
  • Ivoclar’s Blue-Line range of teeth does however use the Vita shades.
  • Basic teeth are available in Vita shades. 

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