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Cast Partials

After scanning your traditional stone models, Pow Laboratories uses SensAble CAD technology to design accurate framework patterns. The patterns are printed with rapid prototyping and the frames are cast with Bego alloy. This technology allows a fit and consistency previously not possible with hand waxing on refractory models.

Cast Partialspartial-denture-clasping-1
• This permanent partial option is created using SensAble CAD CAM technology and premium CrCo alloy Bego Wironium Plus. Pow Laboratories is proud to be a member of the Bego Wironium Circle as we have Bego Certified technicians using this product. The SensAble technology allows for consistent quality while offering variable thicknesses, precisely controlled contour fit and extremely accurate results.
• Premium teeth are used and the partial is finished in SR Ivocap Acrylic, Lucitone 199 or Duraflex material
• Recommended additional clasping options include:
- Wrought wire
- Gold wire
- Versacryl clear or pink clasps
- DuraFlex
- VisiClear
- Acetal Resin clasping
- Cu-Sil Gaskets
• Three year warranty on frame and two year warranty on acrylic.

• We recommend using study casts initially for consultation and design purposes.
• Premium teeth are used from leading manufacturers such as Dentsply, Ivoclar, Vident, Vitapan and Myerson.
• Cast paritals can be finished using Ivocap SR acrylic, Lucitone 199 or DuraFlex.
• For the best results we have found full contour alginate impressions using a regular set alginate material for final impressions.
• Turnaround time for a casting is five days in the lab.
• For a set and finish, we require three extra days in the lab.

The Benefits of partial Frameworks fabricated using SensAble's™ Technology

  • Consistent quality - fit and accuracy are at a higher level than traditional methods.
  • Eliminates the need for a refractory model and thus the potential for distortion.
  • Repeatability of design with pre-set preferences, such as clasp profiles, dimensions, and major connector thickness. All can be customized for individual preferences.
  • Digital approach to critical steps in the design process, such as determining the path of insertion, surveying and blocking out undercuts, provides extremely accurate results.
  • Working digitally, the thickness, contour and fit of our restorations are precisely controlled and easily replicated.
  • Allows the skilled dental technician to maintain the 'artistry' in their work using the Phantom Desktop® device that provides digital design with the sense of 'virtual' touch.



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