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Denture Choices
Pow Laboratories provides a choice from two different denture finishes: Tru-Life and Tru-Value.

Tru-Life dentures offer high quality denture teeth combined with advanced esthetic tissue characterization and feature neck tone bleaching, festooning and trimmed to a life like finish in SR Ivocap acrylic.

Tru-Valu dentures feature economical denture teeth with a basic SR Ivocap acrylic finish that has minimal characterizations.  

tru life  tru value
 Tru-Life Tru-Value

Flexible partial dentures offer a combination of comfort and esthetics. The material is biocompatible and the translucent clasping blends with both the tooth and the tissue. The stain-resistant material can be combined with a casting or fabricated in a unilateral format.

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