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Retainers and Aligners
Pow laboratories can provide a variety of retainers and aligners to accomplish minor tooth correction or for post-orthodontic treatment.

Examples of Retainers include:traditional Hawleys in a variety of styles, QCM retainers with a clear labial bow, Cantilevers and Vanderlindens which allow the posterior teeth to settle after debonding while maintaining anterior teeth alignment. Minor tooth correction can be achieved with the use of removable appliances that can guide your patient's anterior teeth gently,  achieving their ideal position quickly and effectively by creating a more balanced and controlled tooth movement. Because of the nature of these  appliances, there is little or no adjustments needed following the initial delivery.

Our technical consultants are available to help you select the appliance that best suits your patient's needs.  Call and speak to one of our Technical Consultants for more information.


QCM retainer vanderlinden
 QCM Retainer Vanderlinden
cantilever  hawley-appliance
Cantilever  Hawley Appliance

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