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Fixed Orthodontic appliances are a very effective option to achieve desired results.  These appliances cannot be removed from the mouth by the patient and achieve faster and better results while assuring patient compliance.  Pow can provide a variety of fixed orthodontic appliances including: Expansion Appliances, Quad Helix, Nance, Lingual Arches, Transpalatal Arches, Band and Loops space maintainers, Bonded Hyrax, Fixed Habit appliances (including cribs), Wilson Appliances.

Always feel free to contact the lab for more information or send in study casts for a free consultation.

bonded-hyrax  bonded-retainer 
 Bonded Hyrax Bonded Retainer 
 bonded-tpa  lingual-arch
Bonded TPA Lingual Arch
nance-appliance snap lock hyrax
Nance Appliance Snap-lock Hyrax


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