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Our highly skilled orthodontics team offers fixed, removable and functional orthodontic appliances as well as a variety of splints. With convenient turnaround times and customized acrylic designs, we can work with you by offering treatments that suit your needs and increase patient compliance. Study models, Ceph analysis and free consultations are also available. Below are a few examples of the Orthodontic products Pow Laboratories offers.

Daytime /Nightime Orthotics
The Daytime Orthotic appliance is designed to correct chronic displacement or skeletal and muscular asymmetry, can function as a positioner, correct vertical dimension and protrusive changes. A Nightime Orthotic appliance can reduce clenching and grinding, acute or chronic bruxism. 

daytime orthotic 

Spring Aligners
These removable appliances can guide your patient’s anterior teeth gently achieving their ideal position quickly and effectively by creating a more balanced and controlled tooth movement. Because of the nature of the appliance, there is little or no adjustments needed following the initial delivery.
 spring aligner
Essix Retainers
These retainers can be used for small tooth movements or post-orthodontically providing good stability without the use of wires. This clear acrylic material aids in patient compliance for a more effective treatment.
 essix retainer
Pow laboratories can provide a variety of retainers for post-orthodontic treatment. Some examples include traditional Hawleys in a variety of styles, QCM retainers with a clear labial bow and Vanderlindens which allow the posterior teeth to settle after debonding while maintaining anterior teeth alignment. Our technical consultants are available to help you select the appliance that best suits your patient’s needs.
 QCM retainer
Functional Appliances
Functional appliances help correct bone problems. The use of functional appliances can reduce the time a child must wear fixed braces and also reduce the need for the extraction of permanent teeth. Functional appliances develop the dental arches so that all the permanent teeth can erupt, which ensures an outstanding profile, broad smile and healthy jaw joints. These appliances include Bionators, Frankels, Twin-Blocks, Ric-a-nators and Biofinishers.
Pow can provide a variety of hyrax appliances that best suits your patient’s needs. For example, this snap lock hyrax has a locking screw that will not turn itself back, thus preventing palatal regression.
 snap lock hyrax
Wilson Appliances
Pow provides full range of 3D Wilson appliances, which are removable, interchangeable, adjustable and convertible. No removal of bands, resoldering, or recementation is needed. Its use in the first phase of treatment significantly reduces headgear use, extraction and treatment chairtime.
 wilson  appliance
Impak Splint
The Impak PF splint is a single heat cured appliance which must be placed in warm water before placement in the mouth. The material is exceptionally resistant to fracture and is very retentive. Approximately 95% of our bruxism appliances are made from Impak PF. With the help of Impak PF splints you can protect the patient’s crown and bridge restorations, protect the patient against the destructive forces of bruxism and act as a treatment tool in the management of TMJ dysfunction.
 impak pf

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