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Crown and Bridge

ceramic-restorations-3Pow offers crowns, bridges and implants designed using CAD CAM technology by our highly skilled technicians. We accept both standard and digital impressions. All digital systems are supported (Trios, Carestream, Itero, Blue CAM, Omni, Lava COS etc.). Material choices include all ceramic, high noble, semi-precious and non-precious. We also have experience with every major implant system. On-site computer design and fabrication provide a level of consistency that will help reduce insertion chair time and increase patient satisfaction.

All ceramic restorations can be made in a monolithic material or combined with the layering of porcelain for increased esthetics. Full contour zirconia and milled or pressed IPS e. max materials provide superior fit and esthetics.

fixedimgWith the availability of high noble, semi-precious and non-precious alloys, we provide you with a variety of options to control costs, esthetics and biocompatibility in your restoration.

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