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Castings and Options

Pow Laboratories is proud to be part of the International Wironium Circle and proud to have in-house Bego certified technicians.

Bego Castings bego1

  • Using the Bego Wironium alloy the prostheses are stronger and longer lasting.
  • The higher modulus of elongation and higher yeld strengths, which allow for repeated adjustments without compromising stability and strength.
  • Light weight thinner, more comfortable frameworks.
  • Three year warranty.

Flexible Partial Denturesflexible-partials

  • Esthetics and Comfort.
  • Clasping that is virtually invisible as it is translucent and blends with both the tooth and tissue.
  • Biocompatible -Stain resistant Thermoplastic Resin.
  • Can be combined with a casting.
  • Can be fabricated in a unilateral format.
  • Alginate impressions recommended.
    Contraindications include:
  • If there is less than 4mm or 6mm (combination cases) of interocclusal space in the posterior area.
  • If you have bilateral free-end distal extension on the maxilla with extreme atrophy of the alveolar ridges.
  • Deep overbite cases (4mm or more).

Clasping optionsacetal-resin
There are many options for anterior clasping available that will provide your patient with both retention and esthetics.

  • Acetal resin tooth coloured clasps- matrixed-injected clasp that is available in several of the most common tooth shades.
  • Clear thermo-elastic Versacryl clasps - consistent fit with a heat sensitiveclear-thermo material that allows for adjustments while maintaining quality
  • Cu-sil gaskets - soft silicone gaskets, which help to preserve remaining teeth.

Benefits of a softliner for your patient:

  • Better fit, a relined denture "stays in better"
  • A better fitting denture helps the dental ridges stay healthy
  • Helps a denture last longer
  • Helps with proper nutrition and health

Let Pow Laboratories provide you with the best of comfort and fit for your patient. In just one full inlab day we can reline  your patient’s new or existing denture with a high quality soft reline material.

Pow Laboratories provides you a low cost alternative to doing your owprocessingn processing. We will process your set ups in Ivocap acrylic and return them to you untrimmed on the models. With one full in-lab day, we can offer you an easy, cost-effective process that provides your patient with a high quality Ivocap denture that you have designed. For those tough to match tissue shades,we offer finishes from light pink to dark brown shades to help you find the best match for your patient.
Call the lab today to request a tissue shade guide or send  us your next case to be processed today.

implant-retainedImplant Retained
Implants have grown in the dental industry in both fixed and removable areas. As a full-service laboratory, Pow Laboratories has extensive experience working with all of the major implant systems and can help you provide the best treatment plan for your patient. Whether your patient is presenting with ball, clip or bar implants, we can help you design the most functional prosthesis for their comfort and fit.



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