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Flexible Partial Dentures
When esthetics and comfort are your patients main concern, flexible partials offer the solution. These biocompatible partial dentures feature a clasping that is translucent and blends with both the tooth and tissue. The stain resistant material can be combined with a casting or fabricated in a unilateral format. For best results we recommend an alginate impression and a minimum of 4mm interocclusal space in the posterior. Contraindications include bilateral free-end distal extensions on the maxilla with extreme atrophy of the alveolar ridges or deep overbite cases of 4mm or more.


Cast Partial Dentures 
Pow was pleased to be one of the first Canadian laboratories to integrate CAD/CAM technology into our cast partial denture frames. With this technology, we utilize an integrated system for scan, design and fabrication. This enables us to provide you with a precise fit and consistent results on every casting, every time. The system has allowed us to eliminate refractory models that have the potential for distortion. After scanning your model, we create a digital wax up using Phantom technology that is then printed in resin using rapid prototyping. The resin pattern is cast in a Bego alloy making our frames stronger and longer lasting without compromising fit and comfort.


Partial Denture Clasping Options 
Pow Laboratories offers a full line of clasping options to provide your patient with the most comfortable secure denture possible without compromising esthetics. With the materials available today you can select from a wide variety of options. A combination of clasps can be used to ensure patient satisfaction.

Traditional metal clasps including wrought wire, stainless steel and gold are available in single and double-arm. We also offer Adams ball clasps. Nickel Ticonium clasping can be used with our cast chrome partial frameworks.

For a more esthetic option, you can choose from Cu-Sil Gaskets, Versacryl, Acetal Resin, Visiclear and DuraFlex clasps. Cu-Sil Gaskets are an excellent choice for improved retention while helping to preserve existing dentition. Versacryl and Visiclear clasps are a clear clasp option, which is an excellent choice for anterior clasps. Acetal resin is available in several tooth shades to help provide highly esthetic clasp options. DuraFlex clasps are available in clear and translucent tissue colours.


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